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Our vision is to provide the world's best medical value. We accomplish our vision by partnering with healthcare providers to deliver the best clinical outcomes at the lowest costs.  This means improving people, processes, and technologies across the entire continuum of care.  By using clinical financial pathways to redesign care, we are able to redesign care around the patient, improve clinical outcomes, eliminate waste, and reduce costs.  (Best Treatment Plan + Innovation + Data Supported Change + Reduced Clinical Variation + Pay for Performance) - (Waste) = Better Medical Value. 

Our Experience

Principals in Advanced Clinical Networks have over 200 years of experience in healthcare delivery, financing, alternative payment systems,  clinical redesign and data analysis.  Our clinical financial pathways methodology allows us to assist healthcare providers in improving medical value.

Our mission

Our mission is to help high quality providers achieve the highest medical value possible.  We are one of the only private sector solutions with the experience, methodology and capability to positively improve medical value worldwide.


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Our vision is to provide the world's best clinical outcomes at the lowest cost.

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